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Do you have an idea of your online business or idea of complicated technological application for your actual business? Maybe you need to integrate your manufacturing with online application or create track system for the order from proccersing till customer’s door? You are startuper or investor who is interested in the development of the new project? Then we were on the way.

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We are a technology company with a goal-oriented development style. In every projects, we first of all are guided by customer‘s goals. Our cooperation is always based on a proactive and transparent communication. Our experience allows us to create complicated multi-component projects that are tightly integrated with your business. We use Python, Django, jQuery, AngularJS, MySQL, Amazon AWS technologies and others to resolve your project.

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Own solution of YuktiDev company. YuktiPro is ecosystem services for personal and group productivity. The first service of a complex of unique tools is iDo service that helps to create a structured daily work progress of each team member.

Project Duration:
4 months
Range of Works:
Own project company. Business idea, engineering and design, development, marketing, promotion and analytics.
  • OS: Ubuntu
  • Mysql, Redis
  • Python, Django
  • JQuery, JS, HTML5/CSS
Key Components:
  • Highly loaded service
  • Bilingual localization
  • Internal system of notification
  • Two independent UI to communicate with the system (Web, Email)
  • The system of statistics and reporting
  • Open API
  • Recurring billing system
  • Integration with FastSpring payment service



Online service to create custom polygraphic production as photobooks online. The project includes an online photo editor, affiliation system and integration with manufacture processe, including order tracking.

Project Duration:
6 months
Range of Works:
Design, development, maintenance and warranty service
  • OS: Ubuntu
  • Mysql, Redis
  • Python, Django
  • JQuery, JS, HTML5/CSS
  • Amazon AWS
Key Components:
  • HTML5 online editor and wizard
  • Flexible templating polygraphic product
  • Automated preprinted preparation of layouts
  • Proccesing the vector and raster graphics
  • Integration with the polygraphic manufacture
  • Mobile application for order tracking
  • Integration with the courier service
  • Integration with Robokassa payment system
  • Tools to integrate the solution into any web service
  • Flexible template tools for UI and branding solutions
  • Affiliation system

Front-end part of the bank workstation

Company YuktiDev serves as a subcontractor for developing the front-end part of the banking workstation for Ukrainian bank. The project is developed in of high load and banking data security requirements.

Project Duration:
In progress
  • Bootstrap
  • AngulaJS
  • Restful API
  • Application Server Glassfish



B2C portal for interaction of the Russian-Chinese enterprises, carried out with the participation of bargaining representatives of Russia and China.

Project Duration:
More than 2 years
Range of Works:
Design, development, maintenance and warranty service
  • OS: Ubuntu;
  • Mysql, Redis;
  • Python, Django;
  • JQuery, JS, HTML/CSS;
  • Cloud Hosting Amazon AWS
Key Components:
  • Products catalog
  • Manufacturers catalog
  • Group purchases
  • Investment section
  • Internal communication system
  • Products and company rating system
  • Search based on ranking and relevance
  • Loyalty system
  • Local e-currency
  • Integration with MoneyBookers payment services
  • Integration with VTB 24 bank. Banking services fast order
  • Translation system and automated translator tools
  • Tools for exhibitions and business conferences
  • Personal users accounts with the ability to create personal sites

Software solution for orders management

The application is designed to track of the object in the manufacturing process steps. Scanning the QR code assign new status in every manufacturing steps. All data is sent to the server for processing and control with the possibility to analize the results in website.

Project Duration:
2 months
Range of Works:
Design, mobile applications development, backend development and integration with manufacturing
  • Mysql, Redis
  • Python, Django
  • Objective-C
Key Components:
  • Generating and printing QR code
  • QR code scanning on manufacturing stages
  • Data validation

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